health care systems can help address health inequities in a community active living helps lead families to a healthier lifestyle Smoke free workplace sign help people, regardless of age, incorporate physical activity into their daily lives Exercise Class In School Gym Workplace wellness initiatives work best when planned together with employees! Students consume 35-50% of their daily total calories at school make choices that lead the the highest quality of life
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Our mission is to foster healthier communities where all residents live, work, learn, and play. We achieve this by increasing access to nutritious foods, physical activity opportunities, and tobacco-free living.


We envision communities where all members make choices that lead to the highest quality of life.


2018 Minnesota East Central Regional Community Health Survey

If your household was randomly selected to participate in the 2018 Minnesota East Central Regional Community Health Survey, this is your opportunity to help improve the health of your community! 

The survey is being administered by your local public health department in partnership with Partners in Healthy Living and will gather information which will help complete an in-depth community health assessment. The information is essential in helping us better plan programs and services to improve health of people in our community.

A limited amount of surveys are being mailed so please consider participating if your household was randomly selected.  If you have any questions, please contact Lori Swanson 1-877-289-5495.