Breastfeeding Library Available for Local Child Care Center

Marlene Marohn of Marlene Marohn’s Child Care located in Mora, MN, has a children’s book library devoted to breastfeeding. As educational tools, these books provide understanding and familiarity to the children in her care about breastfeeding and its benefits.  Children who have not been around a breastfed baby or that have a younger sibling who is being breastfed may ask questions and these books can help facilitate a conversation to help children understand. Parents were notified of the library and the books are available any time they also want to utilize them.

breastfeeding book 1breastfeeding book 2Other tools and best practices for breastfeeding support are:

  • All infant caregivers receive training (or a refresher) on promoting and supporting breastfeeding, including the benefits of breastfeeding and proper labeling, storage and handling of breast milk, on a regular basis, at least every 3 years.
  • A quiet, comfortable and private place (other than a bathroom) is available for mothers to breastfeed or pump and its location is marked or otherwise made known to families.
  • Educational materials and information about breastfeeding resources are available and all enrolled and prospective families are made aware of these resources. 
  • There is a written policy that includes current breastfeeding practices.
  • The breastfeeding policy is generally communicated to current and prospective families both in writing and verbally.

Partners in Healthy Living would like to thank Marlene Marohn for her partnership toward a healthier community!

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