Community Leadership Team

Community Leadership Team Charge:

The purpose of the Partners in Healthy Living Community Leadership Team (CLT) is to establish, and grow community support within these areas:


The Role of a CLT Member is to be a(n):

  • Liaison:
    Identify and engage local champions who can help move the work forward.
    Assist in mapping community assets.
  • Networker:
    Identify decision makers related to the State Health Improvement Plan  and Partners in Healthy Living Projects.
  • Educator:
    Share, relate, connect, build.
    Act in an advisory capacity.
    Identify potential priorities.
    Assist in setting priorities.
  • Act as an Agent and Ambassador to:
    Ensure health inequities are being addressed.
    Work together to share resources and build successful initiatives.

CLT Minutes:
CLT Minutes January 2019
CLT Minutes March 2019
CLT Minutes May 2019
CLT Minutes July 2019

CLT Members:
Alicia Alferness, Lakes and Pines, CAC
Tony Buttacavoli, Isanti County Public Health
Barb Eller, Farm Market Cafe
Jimmie Johnson, U of M extension
Megan Kozisek, Lakes and Pines, CAC
Natalie Matthewson, Adult Mental Health Initiative
Darcy Rylander, Cambridge Medical Center
Kam Schroeder, U of M extension
Emma Shepard, Central MN Council on Aging
Brenda Skluzacek, Pine Technical & Community College
Dawn Van Hees, Lakes and Pines, CAC
Anna Schultz, FirstLight Health Systems