Tobacco-Free Living

Smoking Free Workplace Sign

Smoking Free Workplace Sign

In Minnesota, over one in six adults smoke and more than a quarter of Minnesota’s youth use tobacco products. The use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) doubled in use over the past year among middle and high school students.

The goal of Partners in Healthy Living is to create healthy communities that support an individual’s choices breathe air free of tobacco smoke. 

Partners in Healthy Living works to engage and immobilize our community through education about the public health concerns related to the tobacco retail environment (also referred to as “point of sale” or “POS”).  The intent is to improve the local POS by reducing the community’s exposure to tobacco products and marketing.

Smoke-free multi-unit housing.
Partners in Healthy Living supports apartment building owners to put in place voluntary policies restricting smoking, resulting in less second-hand smoke exposure for families and lower maintenance costs.

Partners in Healthy Living is proud to partner with:

Mille Lacs County Minnesota logo

In 2018, tobacco store audits were conducted in Mille Lacs County.

In 2018, tobacco store audits were conducted in Isanti County. In 2018 tobacco education took place at community forums in Braham, Isanti, and Cambridge.