Lakes and Pines 2019 2nd Weight Loss Challenge “Melt Away the Pounds”

Lakes and Pines Community Action Council are so EXCITED to announce that we have kicked off our 2nd Weight Loss Challenge, “Melt off the Pounds” for employees! Approximately one-fourth of employees joined the weight loss challenge this second round! Lakes and Pines staff continues to thrive by providing support, encouragement, motivation & accountability to one another by taking walks together during 30-minute fitness breaks, sharing healthy recipes, encouraging agency pot lucks to include 25% healthy nutritional food options and sending weekly motivational email blasts to stay focused on their health & wellness goals. Lakes and Pines employees continues to utilize our BMI scales the Agency was awarded through the Partners in Healthy Living Mini-Grant (PiHL) in 2018. Employees are continuing to work hard towards their health and wellness goals each day! –Megan Kozisek-Health & Wellness Co-Chair Lakes and Pines CAC, Inc.

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