Active Students Exercise Class In School Gym

Physical Activity

Physical Activity Best Practices
15. Active play time, including both indoors and outdoors, is provided daily for 120 minutes or more for preschoolers; 90 minutes or more for toddlers.
16. Except when weather absolutely makes this unsafe, outdoor play time is offered 2 or more times per day.
17. Indoor active play space is available and used when going outdoors is not possible for the same amount of time as would be spent outdoors.
18. Portable play equipment is always available to children during active play time, both indoors and outdoors.
19. Adult-led/structured physical activity, in periods of at least 10 minutes, is offered either indoors or outdoors 2 or more times per day.
20. During active play times, both indoors and outdoors, caregivers/teachers supervise, verbally encourage, and often join children in active play.
21. Active play time is rarely if ever withheld for more than 5 minutes at a time from children who misbehave.
22. There is a written policy that includes current physical activity practices.
23. The physical activity policy is generally communicated to current and prospective families both in writing and verbally.

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