Water-bottle filling stations

The Minnesota Department of Health’s Oral Health and Drinking Water Protection Programs are accepting applications for funding to provide water-bottle filling stations (hydration stations) to qualifying applicants. Local public health organizations, schools and community entities are encouraged to apply for this limited-funding opportunity.

Approved hydration stations:

  • Provide drinking water containing an optimal level of fluoride to help protect teeth from tooth decay
  • Do not remove fluoride from water
  • Removes lead, when present, from drinking water
  • Provide an additional safeguard to reduce potential lead exposure from drinking water
  • Provide a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, especially in communities with limited access to healthy, affordable beverage choices

The Drinking Water Protection Grant Information webpage provides the forms and instructions you will need to complete the Hydration Station Grant application.

Applications are due Monday, October 31, 2022, 2:00 pm CST

The MDH will be available to provide consultation and guidance during the application process. For assistance, please contact Anita Smith, Grants Coordinator, at 651-201-4665 or anita.smith. Please note that MDH staff will not be able to help with the actual writing of the application or critique drafts.

This funding is made possible by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the State Actions to Improve Oral Health Outcomes, DP18-1810 Division of Oral Health.

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