Imagine coming into your office tomorrow morning and your boss told you she wanted you to take the morning to leave your cubicle and take a walk with her outside to discuss an upcoming project. As you passed vendors from a mobile farmers market that set up tables of fresh fruits and vegetables in the parking lot, you see co-workers smiling and happy and as you breathed in the fresh air and made plans for the great project you had been assigned to, you thanked your lucky stars you got to go to work that day.

In our hurried culture, this may not be the utopia workplace environment you live in. All too often people are rushed, frazzled and exhausted by overwork and under-activity. But who wouldn’t want a great work environment? To have employees and co-workers share their job satisfaction and health and well-being so much that it permeates from the genuine smiles of everyone.

Health and wellness is a top priority of Partners in Healthy Living (PiHL).

At the August PiHL meeting, our community leadership team worked on an exercise that mapped our five county region assets. Asset mapping is a process in which the group identified our communities’ assets and resources. The facilitated discussion centered on work-site wellness and who are the health ambassadors and supporters. It was so good to hear of so many organizations that work together for the health of the community!

Partners in Healthy Living is dedicated to helping you in your commitment to creating a stronger culture of health within your workplace. From healthy food initiatives that provide healthy vending machine options and catering to breastfeeding rooms to help new moms and baby’s maintain nutrition in a pleasing and comfortable environment, our partners in the work-site wellness work care about their employees! PiHL provides work-sites with the proper tools on how to change workplace policies, change the environment and encourage active living, even at your desk!

Beginning this fall, the workplace wellness partners will have an opportunity to come together, share their experience and gain practical tools they can bring back to the workplace. Part of the collaborative approach is to support and foster healthy work environments and Partners in Healthy Living participants have found that working collaboratively is the fastest way to create change and support their employees and co-workers.

Email us today at for more information on this exciting opportunity to join the collaborative approach group!

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