Fitness Fun Time!

kids and music

Billi Jo Peterson, a home daycare owner in Isanti, MN, is passionate about the kids in her care. It doesn’t just show in the name of her daycare, “Care-A-Lot Daycare”, it is evident in her curriculum and in her environment.

“One of my goals this year was to increase indoor/outdoor physical activity and increase nutrition education. With a Partners in Healthy Living Grant, I was able to purchase several items to help support my curriculum and plans for the year.”

Some of the best practice tips for physical activity are:
1. Active play time, including both indoors and outdoors, is provided daily for 120 minutes or more for preschoolers; 90 minutes or more for toddlers.
2. Adult-led/structured physical activity, in periods of at least 10 minutes, is offered either indoors or outdoors 2 or more times per day.
3. During active play times, both indoors and outdoors, caregivers/teachers supervise, verbally encourage, and often join children in active play.

Among her list of new equipment is a parachute, tunnel, obstacle course materials, hopscotch rug, bean bags, cones/poles, a music mat, balls and a curriculum book “Move and Learn” and fitness CD’s. Billi Jo not only works on incorporating more physical activity time for the kids in her care, she goes above and beyond.

“I have one day a week off. With the physical activity items I have started visiting area daycares offering a class I call Fitness Fun Time. This is a great opportunity to have activities, music and fun all at once!”

Care-A-Lot Daycare is just one of 6 daycare providers that works with Partners in Healthy living on increasing healthier options for the children in their care.

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